Daily Update: Daniel Bryan retirement on RAW tonight

Daniel Bryan to announce retirement

by Dave Meltzer

I wish the best of luck to Bryan Danielson tonight in his retirement speech hope everyone wishes the best for him in his post-wrestling career.  To me, Bryan Danielson was both a model pro wrestler and far more than that, a very intelligent and very honest human being.

He reached the highest rung in this profession in 2014 even when his look and size based on previously established standards of the business would have said it was impossible.  Unlike many, his rise to the top was entirely fan-driven, and I hope all those fans understand that whatever decision he has made is based on what he believes is the best for him in the long run.

It will be a long time before people fully understand the contributions he made to this industry, which is a far better place because of his involvement.  There were things dating back to 2001 that he was involved with that changed the underground foundation of the industry, and over the past few years, significantly changed talent evaluation at the highest level of the industry.

Change is slow, to be sure, but this is a different industry and he played a huge part in it.  When you really look back, from an influence standpoint, he triggered a number of changes and his contributions are actually enormous.

On a side note: I was told that word spread today within WWE about Danielson.  As of a few hours ago, the description was the mood was very somber backstage.

Also, Danielson will be on ESPN with Jonathan Coachman tomorrow night talking about his retirement.

More of’s Coverage of the Daniel Bryan story:

by Observer Staff

After months of speculation Daniel Bryan’s future as a working wrestler with WWE will finally come to a conclusion tonight on WWE RAW.   Starting a few days ago rumors started making the rounds that Bryan was to appear on RAW in Seattle which just so happened to be near his hometown of Aberdeen.  His wife Brie Bella was also scheduled to be on RAW.  Then yesterday the Internet recieved photo confirmation of his trip from Pheonix to Seattle and a new trimmed look.  Of course, the speculation began as to the exact reason for his visit to the location of WWE RAW.  Daniel Bryan decided to let us know on Twitter.

Bryan on Twitter posted “Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I’ll have a chance to elaborate.”  So, now we wait for his speech tonight on RAW.  To many this retirement is not coming as a surprise but to many others this will be a hard pill to swallow.  There are those who held out hope that a guy like Daniel Bryan who defied the odds of making it into the WWE, would once again return.  A guy who was small and didn’t have the prototypical WWE body, not only made it to the WWE but won the WWE title at WrestleMania 30.  In what many saw as one of the great celebrations and they got to share it with him.  This is pro wrestling and few truly retire from this business, so fans will still hold out hope he will eventually make his return however unlikely.

Check out’s live coverage of tonight’s RAW.

Also check out Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez talking the in depth details of Bryan’s retirement on their Breaking News Edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. 

They will be back later tonight with another Wrestling Observer Radio talking the fallout of RAW and the retirement speech.   They will also talk about the death of Axl Rotten and the latest news.  If you’ve got any questions Bryan Danielson related, particularly from the report we did or anything he may say on Raw tonight, you can send them to  We will try and answer all  Danielson questions tonight.  Questions on other subjects we’ll go into on Wednesday.


Raw will be Monday in Seattle. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are scheduled on the show and of course the Daniel Bryan retirement announcement.

Smackdown and Main Event will be taped on Tuesday in Portland, OR. Chris Jericho vs. A.J. Styles is on the show.

Thanks to everyone who did a great job of correspondent work at the shows this weekend including Adam Kirby, Alex Keeling, Jai, Thomas Green, Lee Thomas, Kody Ludwig, Tyler Kemmerer, Ross Hart, Craig Freeman, Todd Bergman, Lou Pickney, Josh Baker, Sean Moore, Dan Thompson and everyone else.

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Jon Jones was cited on 1/31 for driving without a license, without registration and without insurance by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy.  That could have been trouble given Jones currently being on probation, but Bernalillo County District Attorney spokesperson Kayla Anderson said they will not be filing a probation violation against Jones for the incident according to Marc Raimondi of MMA Fighting.  Jones is serving 18 months of probation from his felony hit-and-run charge from last year. 

B.J. Penn on his web site announced today that his return would be on 4/23 in Las Vegas at UFC 197.  Originally he was expected to fight on 3/5 against Dennis Siver, although UFC never officially announced the fight.  Ariel Helwani had reported the 3/5 date as what they were looking for and we’d also gotten internal confirmation that was the plan as of last week.

The Super Bowl, for those asking did a 49.0 rating based on the metered markets last night.  It looks like the show did 111.9 million viewers, making it the third most watched television show in U.S. history.  The numbers are based on the fast nationals.  The peak was 115.5 million between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.  The show also averaged 1.4 million streaming viewers.  The two most watched shows were the 2014 and 2015 Super Bowls, with last year setting the record of 114.4 million viewers.  Advertisers were paying as much as $5 million for a 30 second spot.


Tonight’s Raw in Seattle was expected to come close to selling out even before the Danielson announcement.
HHH sent a WWE title belt to the Denver Broncos for winning the Super Bowl.
Sheamus was shown in a Super Bowl commercial as he’s in the trailer of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie.  It aired during the second quarter.
Sisters was No. 10 at the box office in Australia this past weekend and Daddy’s Home was No. 13.  Both were out of the top ten in the U.S., with Daddy’s Home No. 15 and Sisters No. 25. (thanks to James Stanois)
Cricket Wireless and WWE and launching a sweepstakes to send one fan and a guest to WrestleMania.  Between today and 3/20, fans can enter the sweepstakes visiting their local Cricket Wireless store or go to for a chance to win.  The winner gets round trip airfare and lodging in Dallas for two, $500 in spending money a new ZTE Grand X 3 with one year of Crocket Wireless service, as well as tickets to the pre-party and Fan Axxess.
Stock closed down eight cents today at $16.49.
Two new trailers been put online for the Nine Legends film profiling Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid  The film also profiles Bill Goldberg, Lita, Mike Tyson, Chris Jericho, RVD, Randy Couture and Ted DiBiase. The film was covered this past week upon release by mainstream publications such as Fox Sports, Yahoo News, Nerdist, Deadline and Digital Trends. 


The first of six episodes of Impact from the U.K., this being the first show taped in Manchester with Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway as the main event, will air tomorrow night on Pop TV.
Jerry Lynn was backstage working as an agent at the ROH tapings in Nashville on Saturday night.
Future Stars of Wrestling on 2/28 in Las Vegas at the Silverton Casino with Kevin Kross vs. Eli Drake vs. Kenny King vs. Willie Mack in a four-way that involves a star of TNA, ROH and Lucha Underground.  Also on the show are Rocky Romero, TJ Perkins, Silas Young and Colby Corino.
Revolution Pro Wrestling from yesterday in London at the Cockpit Theater before a sellout of 180 fans:  Bob Lyons b Matt Nathan, Pete Dunne b Sonjay Dutt to keep the British cruiserweight title, Josh Bodom b Donovan Dijak, Marty Scurll b Timothy Thatcher, Flash Morgan Webster b James Castle, Big Damo b Mark Haskins, Colt Cabana b Lord Gideon Gray, Zack Sabre Jr. b Will Ospreay.  The show was taped for the Revolution Pro YouTube channel.  Told Bodom vs. Dijak was a great short match, Dunne vs. Dutt and Thatcher vs. Scurll were very good and the main event was exactly what you’d expect from those two. (thanks to Jan Buxton)
Acclaim Pro Wrestling on 3/5 in Ottawa and the Dom Polski Combatants Centre.
Real Pro Wrestling of Port St. Lucie, FL has announced a name change to Ignite Wrestling.  The first show with the new name will be 2/27.
Here is a story on Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews and the Super Bowl being in the city yesterday.  In the background of the main picture is a WrestleMania poster from WWE’s visit to the city for WrestleMania last year.  Matthews created a near incident when he publicly stated about how they are going to meet with WWE officials over WrestleMania, and WWE rules are you are supposed to keep it quiet.  Despite his breaking of the rules, WWE still went with Levi’s Stadium for the show, for a number of reasons including that the Super Bowl was coming to the building and WWE could announce a larger number than the Super Bowl.  In actuality, the Super Bowl had more people in the stadium yesterday than WrestleMania did.


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