Daily Pro Wrestling History (10/18): James Storm wins TNA Title


St. Louis, Missouri:
Joe Stecher beat John Freberg  


Kansas City, Kansas:
World Tag Team Champions; Ernie Dusek and Joe Dusek beat Larry Hamilton and Sonny Myers to retain the titles


St. Paul, Minnesota:
– Non Title Death Match: Flying Redheads, Red Bastien & Billy Red Lyons beat AWA Tag Team Champions Mad Dog Vachon & Butcher Vachon 
– Bill Watts beat Blackjack Lanza dq
– Bodyslam Challenge Match: Man Mountain Mike beat Luke Graham 
– Larry Hennig beat Billy Howard


Kansas City, Kansas:
– Jim Brunzell defeated Vic Nichols
– In an Elimination Match: Mike George & Man Mountain Mike & Ronnie Etchison defeated Bob Brown & Tokyo Joe & Bob Orton
– Danny Little Bear defeated Baron Scicluna via DQ
– World Tag Team Champions Lord Alfred Hayes & Roger Kirby fought Harley Race & Black Angus to a double count out


Denver, Colorado:
– Larry Hennig & Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell beat Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens & Bobby Heenan
– AWA Tag Team Champions Billy Robinson & the Crusher beat Larry Heiniemi & Buddy Wolff
– Geoff Portz beat Paul Perschmann (Buddy Rose)


West Palm Beach, Florida:
– Andre The Giant beat Missouri Mauler
– Texas Death Match: Jack Brisco beat Bob Roop
– Bob Backlund & Jerry Brisco beat Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr
– Non title: AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Don Serrano


Honolulu, Hawaii:
– AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Don Muraco
– Billy & Benny McGuire beat Mr. Fuji & Karl Von Steiger
– Ripper Collins beat Bill Francis
– Larry Sharpe beat Steve Strong
– Pampero Firpo beat Whipper Watson Jr

Utsunomiya, Japan
– Abdullah The Butcher defeated Billy Robinson to win the Pacific Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Title (now part of the All Japan Triple Crown)

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Memphis, Tennessee:
– Piledriver Legal: Southern Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Jerry Lawler
– Fabulous Ones Steve Keirn & Stan Lane beat New York Dolls Dream Machine & Rick McGraw
– Southern Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Sweet Brown Sugar beat Terry Taylor & Jacques Rougeau
– Sheepherders beat Steve Regal & Spike Huber
– Mid American Champion Dutch Mantel beat Crusher Broomfield (One Man Gang)
– Robert Gibson & Bobby Fulton & Buddy Landell beat The Spoiler & Carl Fergie & The Angel


Portland, Oregon:
– Billy Jack defeated Scott Ferris
– Al Madril fought Curt Hennig to a time limit draw
– The Assassin and Dynamite Kid defeated Brian Adidas and Jules Strongbow
– Rip Oliver defeated Ali Hassan
– NWA World champion Harley Race defeated Buddy Rose


Jackson, Tennessee:
– Jerry Lawler beat Steve Keirn
– AWA Tag Team Champions Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee beat Don Bass & Carl Fergie
– Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis beat RPMS dq
– Hector Guerrero beat John Paul
– Tracy Smothers & Billy Travis beat Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka
– Bobby Jaggers & Dr. D beat Nasty Boys


Louisville, Kentucky:
– The Phantoms defeated PG-13 to win the USWA Tag Team Title 

Okayama, Japan:
– Chris Benoit & Shinjiro Otani beat Great Sasuke & Black Tiger (Eddy Guerrero) to win the New Japan jr. tag team tournament


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
– The FBI (Little Guido, & Tracy Smothers) defeated John Kronus & New Jack to win the ECW World Tag Team Title 


Chicago, Illinois:
– X-Pac defeated D’Lo Brown to win the WWF European Title 
– Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock defeated Mankind to retain the title


WCW Monday Nitro:
– Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles 

WWF Monday Night Raw:
– Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated The Rock & Mankind to win the WWF World Tag Team Titles


Irvine, California:
– Team 3-D beat Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams, Bobby Roode & James Storm and Booker T & Scott Steiner 
 to win the IWGP tag team titles


TNA Bound for Glory: Orlando, Florida:
– James Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Title

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