Costco Requires Shoppers To Cover Faces Amid Coronavirus Crisis

If you’re planning a trip to Costco next week, be prepared to mask up. The company said Wednesday that to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, it will require shoppers to wear masks or face coverings that cover the mouth and nose.

Costco employees also must use masks or face coverings under the new requirements, which take effect Monday.

Costco said in a statement the new policy doesn’t apply to children under the age of 2 or others who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition.

The company said, however, that the “use of a mask or face covering should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing.”

“Please continue to observe rules regarding appropriate distancing while on Costco properties,” the statement read.

Costco has made numerous changes in its response to the virus, including limiting the number of people who can enter the store at a time, requiring social distancing in checkout lines, and establishing special shopping hours for senior citizens and others with medical conditions that put them at higher risk of contracting the virus.

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