CM Punk & Seth Rolins Team At NXT, John Cena Appaering At NXT On 9/20

The following are live notes from Thursday night’s WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University:

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

– Dean Ambrose defeated CJ Parker by submission. Ambrose did some mic work before the match and taunted Parker.

– Damien Sandow defeated Garrett Dylan by submission. Sandow was very over with the crowd. Before the match, Sandow offered him gives him the opportunity to leave the ring and instead listen to him lecture. Sandow did a cartwheel after match, which got a big pop. They cheered “One more time!” loudly and he acted as if he was about to do a second cartwheel, but then walked off like a true heel.

Dark Match Main Event:

– WWE Champion CM Punk defeated Antonio Cesaro after Kassius Ohno ran out and attacked CM Punk. Seth Rollins ran out and made the save for CM Punk. Punk grabbed the mic and said on RAW, AJ Lee is in charge. Tonight, he’s calling the shots. He gave the crowd what they were chanting for – a tag team match featuring all 4 men.

– CM Punk & Seth Rollins defeated Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno after Punk and Rollins both hit their finisher at the same time and got the double pin. Punk and Rollins celebrated after the show, until they are interrupted by John Cena. John Cena announces that he’s going to be at the next NXT tapings on September 20th. Punk looked pissed off, as if Cena stole his celebratory moment. Punk and Rollins continued to celebrate as the show ended.


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