Cause of fire at Zhuhai petrochemical firm under probe

Relevant departments in the Zhuhai special economic zone of South China’s Guangdong province are still busy investigating the cause of a fire that broke out in a local petrochemical company in the city’s Gaolan port on Tuesday.

An on-the-scene headquarters has also been set up to help investigate the case to its fullest extent, according to a statement released by the Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone (Gaolan port economic zone) on Tuesday afternoon.

The fire broke out after an explosion in the petrochemical company at about 1:40 pm, said the statement.

Local fire fighters, police officers, personnel of safety production supervision and relevant law enforcers and rescue workers were immediately sent to the scene to fight the disaster and evacuate local residents living nearby, the statement said.

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The fire was brought under control in more than an hour. And no deaths or injuries were reported.

The statement urged locals not to panic as the environmental protection indexes were normal after a thorough investigation and no chemical leaks have been reported so far.

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