Canada Post Warns About Christmas Mailing Delays, Says To Shop Early

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not shout, I’m telling you why — mail delays are coming to Canada.

It’s not even Halloween and Canada Post is already warning Canadians about possible delays in mail service over the winter holiday season. In addition to delays associated with a huge online shopping influx during the COVID-19 pandemic, the service is forecasting an additional surge in parcels over the winter holidays.

So they’re calling on Canadians to start their online holiday shopping now — yes, in October.

In a video message, Canada Post chief customer and marketing officer Rod Hart said the service is advising Canadians to shop early, and plan ahead for any packages that need to be sent to loved ones in time for the holidays.

“We know how important these items are to you and we want to deliver. We also know there are many retailers of all sizes gearing up for your early shopping,” he said.

Hart also acknowledged that the past year has not been “without its challenges.” According to Statistics Canada, online shopping doubled early in the pandemic, and Canada Post says the service encountered “holiday-level” back-ups in March, April and May. 

Canada Post will be increasing staffing, vehicles, hours, delivery times and equipment in the coming weeks in order to prepare for the influx of holiday mail. Still, Hart warned that the uptick in mailings usually seen towards the end of December could overwhelm the system.

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“The traditional late holiday surge of parcels on top of expected demand could overwhelm our ability to process and deliver and cause delays,” he said. 

So here’s your excuse to be one of those people who start getting in the holiday spirit before the calendar even turns to November. There’s a high probability you won’t be trick or treating, anyway. It’s time to deck the halls and shop early.


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