Broken Ring Wrestling Results (3/29): Justin Sysum vs Big T Justice, Kasey Owens In Action, More!

This past weekend saw the first ever Broken Ring Wrestling show take place as the company helped to bring wrestling back to Bradford, England at the iconic St. George’s Hall in what was an incredibly fun debut event.

The company had a stacked line-up for its first show featuring talent from NXT UK and World Of Sport, as well as some of the upcoming British wrestlers that fans will want to keep an eye on.

With a family-friendly feel, the show was excellent from start to finish, with some fantastic reactions from the live crowd and a brilliant mix of storytelling and great in-ring action creating a fun show.

1.Amir Jordan def. Sugar Dunkerton

The show kicked off with two of the biggest stars on the night as NXT UK’s Amir Jordan went one on one with former IMPACT Wrestling star, Sugar Dunkerton in what proved to be a fun opening bout.

Amir Jordan received a big entrance as he was accompanied to the ring by several drum players, which worked well with the NXT stars character. This one was quite comedic for the most part, with the two men dancing around the ring and having a good time.

The match was an even one for the majority, with Jordan having a slight advantage, eventually picking up the victory after an Irish whip into the corner was followed up by a roll-up as Dunkerton bounced off the turnbuckles.

A real “friend” you are @iamamirjordan. 😭@ring_broken

— Suge D (@SugarDunkerton) March 29, 2019

2. The Jimmy Jackson Experience def. The Lion Kings

In what was one of the best matches of the night, the tag team of Jimmy Jackson and ICW trainee, Eli Bulwark took on the popular duo, The Lion Kings in what was an excellent match with some fantastic tag team work.

The gimmick of Jimmy Jackson being the flashy star, whilst Bulwark was his security worked to perfection and really got under the audience’s skin and the duo was very clever to pull out all the heel tactics in the book.

From cheap shots whilst the referee’s back was turned to pulling The Lion Kings down on the ring apron when a tag was about to take place, the team were very effective in their roles and were one of the standout acts on the show.

In the end, despite The Liong Kings best efforts, it would actually be The Jimmy Jackson who scored the win, with Eli Bulwark having a key role to play in making it happen.

Home from a fantastic evening in Bradford for @ring_broken, me and Jimmy Jackson managed to pick up the win against @LionKingsTag and the crowd and Venue were next level. The 8 hour round trip was worth it!

— Eli Bulwark (@EliBulwark) March 30, 2019

3. Billy Moshpit def. Ant La Dash

In what was the quickest match of the night, Billy Mosphit picked up a routine victory in what was a dominant performance from the heel, right from the first bell.

Moshpit caught Ant La Dash with a big boot as soon as the bell rang and from there on out he had full control of the situation, eventually hitting a huge powerbomb for the win. There was plenty of heat for Moshpit in this one due to him being from Manchester, and following the match, he continued to attack La Dash.

This led to World Of Sport’s Justin Sysum hitting the ring to make the save, which eventually led to his main event opponent, Big T Justice making his first appearance of the night as well. The huge 7” foot wrestler appeared and attacked Sysum with a kendo stick, eventually being stopped by management as he cut a promo on the people of Bradford.

Didn't get the win at @ring_broken debut show at the famous St George's Hall in Bradford last night. But made a new friend in @JustinSysum thanks for the save buddy! #brw #stgeorgeshall #wrestling #wos #dashing

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— Ant La Dash (@antladash) March 30, 2019

4. Kasey Owens def. Persephone 

The next match saw the ladies take to the ring as ICW and PROGRESS Wrestling star, Kasey Owens took on Persephone in what was another fantastic match which was very back and forth between the two talented workers, with Kasey Owens working very much as the fan favorite in the match.

Despite Owens starting out strong, Persephone quickly started to dominate, hitting some huge forearms as she focused on working the back of Owens with a variety of submissions and strikes to the back. However, Owens managed to overturn things and ended up picking up the win.

5. Priscilla def. Wing Commander Nash & Excentrio in a triple threat

This one was originally billed to be a triple threat elimination match but unfortunately, during the match Excentrio suffered a legitimate injury and was taken to the back, turning the bout into a singles match between Priscilla Queen Of The Ring and Wing Commander Nash.

Both Priscilla and Nash did an incredible job in dealing with the change and had some fun exchanges between themselves, including a brilliant helicopter spin spot by Nash, but in the end it was Priscilla who picked up the win, after receiving one of the biggest pops of the night with her “This Is Me” entrance.

Last night @ring_broken put on an amazing show.
Unfortunately my night was not amazing as I twisted my knee, but it doesn't look to be anything too serious (I'm hoping)
Much love to everyone backstage helping and looking out for me, wrestling is the best family I've ever had

— Excentrico (@ExcentricoLucha) March 30, 2019

6. Justin Sysum def. Big T Justice

In the main event of the night, Justin Sysum and Big T Justice continued their feud from earlier in the evening with Sysum selling his back injury throughout the match, which was totally dominated by the much bigger Big T.

Sysum struggled to get in any offence as Big T swatted him down and out of the ring, with two young fans stepping up from the front row to help out Sysum and get him back to his feet.

This was followed up by an incredible moment as a young fan took away the kendo stick from Big T, taking it around to Justin, proving that the shows family-friendly experience had worked to perfection.

Sysum didn’t want to use the kendo stick though, and eventually, after throwing everything from huge a huge powerbomb to big boots and everything in-between at Sysum, Big T used the kendo stick to get himself disqualified.

Despite that, Sysum demanded that the match was restarted as a NoDQ bout and once again Big T relied upon his kendo stick, however, he missed Sysum, smashing the kendo off the top rope which bounced back into his own head.

This set the WOS star to finally lift his huge opponent, hitting a powerslam which he followed up by heading to the top rope and hitting a 450 Splash to get the win to a huge ovation as the show wrapped up.

Match Of The Night: The Jimmy Jackson Experience vs The Lion Kings

Star Of The Night: Justin Sysum

Overall, the show was a huge success with everything being met with positive responses from the audience, with BRW bringing in a packed house to St. George’s Hall, proving that there is a desire for more wrestling in Bradford.

It may have been the first event for BRW, but hopefully, it won’t be the last.

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