Brock Lesnar Slimming Down In Preparation For A UFC Return?

There continues to be a lot of speculation behind-the-scenes in the pro wrestling industry that Brock Lesnar will be leaving WWE for a UFC return after his current contract with the company expires in March.

The thought process among those in the wrestling business is that UFC has the best shot of signing Lesnar, as WWE may not be in a financial position to offer him the same type of lucrative deal that they’ve had him under for the past three years.

There’s also a thought that Lesnar will simply use leverage from UFC and Bellator interest to drive up his price with WWE.

It’s worth noting that when Lesnar appeared on WWE RAW this past Monday night, he seemed to be considerably smaller than when he was last seen in August and September. If he is planning on a return to MMA, he would need to slim down, as the Heavyweight limit is 265 pounds, and he has been walking around at a much higher weight for the past few years.

If Lesnar does return to MMA, he would be nearly 38 years old and will have been away from the sport for four years. The general belief is that if he ever plans on returning to the fighting world, it would have to be after his current WWE deal expires, because if he re-signs with them, his window of opportunity for an MMA return is pretty much closed.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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