Bound For Glory Results (11/5): Eli Drake vs Johnny Impact, Alberto el Patron Returns & More

Bound For Glory Results
November 5, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for

– We are live from a sold-out Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, as Alberto el Patron is shown arriving at the arena earlier in the day. A video package opens the showing hyping all the big matches, and we are kicking things off with X-Division action!

X-Division Championship Match
Click Here: cheap converse men high top shoesTREVOR LEE (c) vs. DEZMOND XAVIER vs. GARZA Jr. vs. SONJAY DUTT vs. PETEY WILLIAMS vs. MATT SYDAL

It was announced that Everett and Konley, the cronies of champion Trevor Lee, are officially banned from ringside for this match. Petey Williams got a tremendous reaction from his hometown crowd, coming out to his original Team Canada theme song. This will be contested under lucha rules, with two men in at a time, and if anyone leaves the ring someone must enter to take his place.

Sydal kicked things off with a nice back and forth with Sonjay, but Dez tagged himself in and sent them all toppling over the ropes to the floor. Loud “we want Petey” chants, but as soon as the Canadian hit the ring the champion followed and cleaned house. Everyone teamed up Trevor and connected with a quartet of hesitation dropkicks in the corner, followed by a trio of suicide dives from Dez, Petey and Sydal to take out their opponents on the floor. Dutt hit a sick leaping knee to the jaw of the champ, but went for his finish too early and got caught in a sit-down powerbomb for two. Lee slowed things down as Garza tagged in, going to the side headlock and keeping his opponent grounded. He tried to clear the apron to stop momentum, but Petey managed to make the hot tag and got a two-count off a springboard attack.

In a unique move Sydal jumped from the apron onto Petey’s shoulders, then lept off to take down Trevor with a flying forearm. Williams followed with a tope into a hurricanrana all the way to the floor! In comes Dez to add to the chaos with a springboard headscissors, followed by a beautiful Sasuke Special to take out all five guys! He immediately rolled the champ back in and connected with Final Flash, but Sonjay saved it at the last second. Dutt with a wicked tornado DDT but it wasn’t enough. The mad dash to the finish began with all six trading big moves, one after another. Sydal missed the Shooting Star Press and walked into a crazy flip kick from Dez, but Petey made the save and caught him with the Canadian Destroy! Trevor Lee pulls Williams from the ring, makes the cover and steals the victory to retain.

Winner and Still Champion: Trevor Lee

– Next up will be a surprise international exhibition between Canada’s Tyson Dux and one of the best stars of Pro Wrestling NOAH, Taiji Ishimori! It’s noted that whoever wins this will likely be next in line for an X-Division title shot.


Ishimori tries to start off fancy but gets dropped unceremoniously with a big back suplex. Laurel Van Ness is out in the fans for some reason covered in lipstick, dancing around and drunkenly flirting with unattractive men. Good back and forth going on in the ring, but they keep cutting away to the crazy lady in the audience who’s name sitting on some dude’s lap. Dux got his opponent up for a big stalling suplex, but Ishimori fought back with knees to the head and turned it into a reverse DDT. He hit the running double foot stomp, then went up top and connected with a 450 splash to pick up the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

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