Botanic garden in Yunnan spotlights nature’s wonder

Visitors can see giant lotus and sparkling firefly in the botanic garden in Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture in Yunnan from July 1, after a two-month-long event opens at the garden.

The giant lotus is also called “the lotus of the Queen”, whose leaf is the biggest among aquatic plants, with the diameter reaching 3 meters. The edge of the leaf curves up, which forms the shape of a boat. It can even hold the weight of 70 kilograms and people can stand on it, according to, a local news portal.

Besides, other activities catering for children will open. Visitors can view thousands of kinds of flowers from a close distance.

Fireflies abound the garden, twinkling like stars in the dark nights. Children and adults can enjoy the amazing scene under the moonlight, just like in fairytales.

The tropical plants garden in the prefecture has become a popular tourist destination, and also comprehensive research center for scientific research, species conservation and popular science education.

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Liu Jianing in Beijing contributed to this story.

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