Booker T Reflects on the Horrific Injury to Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious will always be remembered for two big moments in pro wrestling. One was the promo in WWE that he attempted to restart, because he didn’t realize the cameras were rolling live. The other was the night when he destroyed his left leg in a WCW ring.

The year was 2001 and Vicious was working a Four Corners Match for the WCW Championship. Sid came off the second rope, which was a very bizarre move for a seven-foot star to do But something happened on the landing. Vicious broke his left leg directly in half, shattering his tibia and fibula in the process. The injury was so surreal that his leg looked as if it had turned to rubber.

Booker T was in WCW at the time and recently reflected on the injury, but he also talked about seeing the move executed earlier in the day as well.

“The reason he was doing the move that he was doing, it was a move that The Minnesota Wrecking Crew used to do back in the day. That’s Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson, two guys that’s built like bowling balls, you know what I mean? Dense bone, a lot of cartilage there, guys that could take a whole lot.

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Said they was trying to make Sid look just a little more violent, more vicious.”

Of course that opinion was ultimately the wrong one, as Vicious was never really the same after the leg injury. He retired not long afterward and even though he made sporadic appearances over the next several years, he was never the same again.

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