Black lace and promises

If Kate Moss and her rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty do eventually make it down the isle, the bride will reportedly, and most appropriately, be wearing black lace. The supermodel is said to have asked her personal friend, designer Alexander McQueen, to design her wedding dress. When McQueen married his partner George Forsyth in 2000, Kate was a bridesmaid at his wedding.

According to News of the World, McQueen said the creation will be “traditional with a modern unique twist.” A friend of the designer is reported to have said that “it’s every designer’s dream to be responsible for that dress.” Doherty’s detractors- who are legion due to his hard living and drug abuse – will undoubtedly find the choice of black lace ironic. Many believe Moss, who is the mother of a young daughter, is being self-destructive in her choice of partner, particularly in light of her own problems with addiction.

As yet, a wedding date has not been made public.

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