Big SmackDown Match Announced This Week, Cena Update, Linda McMahon Speaks

— It was announced at the end of SmackDown this past Friday night that Jeff Hardy would be wrestling Vladimir Kozlov on the next edition of SmackDown. Both wrestlers are potential opponents for Triple H in the WWE Championship match at Cyber Sunday.

— has a story on John Cena’s tour of Australia this week. Prior to hosting the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, he started his day by meeting with a Make-A-Wish child and his family. Cena won an award at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, taking home “Fave Sports Star” honors. {Cena Down Under: Nick at Night}

The New York Times has an article on Linda McMahon. McMahon talks about how she got into the wrestling business, WWE, the WWE fans, technology affecting WWE, and more. Linda said, “Technology keeps you on your toes. We have spectators e-mailing photos during the show, and they’re all over the Internet before the show is even over. It’s instant distribution on a global basis. One of our performers can be out just shopping for sneakers, and all of a sudden it’s a viral video on YouTube.” {Wrestling the Details}

Cena’s In-Ring Return vs. Orton *CONFIRMED* + New Survivor Series Poster (>>)

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