Backstage News On The Miz Turning Babyface & Potential Upcoming Feud

As we’ve been seeing on WWE television in recent weeks, it appears the groundwork is being laid for former WWE Champion The Miz to be turning babyface. The Miz has been working as a heel for virtually all of his 6-year WWE run and some people believe that his character may have run its course as a heel.

The Miz is one of the best talkers in WWE and despite his start & stop pushes, audiences are solidly behind his character and his “Awesome” catchphrase. Additionally,The Miz does a ton of promotional and charity work for the company and they sees him as as having big potential as a good guy.

Especially with Miz starring in the new WWE Studios film The Marine 3: Homefront (set for a Spring 2013 release), the timing for him turning babyface in early 2013 works out well. As for who Miz could work with in his new role, there has been talk of feuding Miz with Antonio Cesaro in 2013.

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