Backstage Details on Lesnar’s New Deal With WWE & Future Matches

On a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program, it was noted that Brock Lesnar is in a unique situation as WWE Universal Champion while looking towards a UFC fight next year. The tricky situation is that Lesnar is likely to hold on to The WWE Universal Title either until Royal Rumble or more likely WrestleMania. If it’s WrestleMania, the risk is that Brock’s UFC fight will take place before that and he could suffer an injury or a concussion which would then jeopardize The WrestleMania Main Event. It was suggested that if WWE is worried about that, they could have Lesnar drop the title at Royal Rumble instead.
Lesnar’s new deal with WWE is non-exclusive, which he signed within the last week after WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon decided that he needed Lesnar around after Roman Reigns was sidelined due to his leukemia diagnosis. The original plan before Reigns’ illness was for Roman to retain his title at Crown Jewel and that would have been the end of Lesnar in WWE. The non-exclusivity deal means that Brock can work with UFC at any time that he wants and at this time, he actually has no agreement in place with UFC.

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