Are You An Essential Worker During The Coronavirus Pandemic? Tell Us Your Story.

The food deliverers. The bus drivers. The grocery store cashiers. The drive-thru workers. The garbagemen, and women. 

The list goes on of essential workers who are keeping Canadians afloat in this unprecedented novel coronavirus pandemic. They’re putting themselves at risk so others don’t have to, and stepping up in other ways, too. 

Grocery stores are holding seniors-only hours early in the morning to allow the most vulnerable to shop in a calm, relaxed environment. Bookshops are offering to deliver much-desired novels to customers. Gyms are offering free online classes so we can stay in shape.

Custodians are deep-cleaning closed schools and hospitals. Early childhood educators in Toronto will help care for other essential workers’ children. Canada Post mail carriers continue to “knock, drop and go.” 

We know we’re missing a lot of you, and we want to hear about how your job has changed and how you’re coping and helping Canadians through this difficult time. 

If you’re an essential worker making a difference alongside our health-care providers, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. We are looking for insights big or small. 

And if you don’t see the form, please follow this link.

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