Alexa Bliss Praises The Bella Twins For “Paving The Way”

WWE Raw Superstar, Alexa Bliss recently spoke with where she gave a lot of praise to the Bella Twins for paving the way for the women of WWE.

On the Bella’s paving the way:

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“They are the busiest, yet most successful women I know and they are those women who, when you meet them, you want the most success for them because they are so sweet, so genuine. They’ve gone on to Total Bellas. They have their wine. Now that they a skin care, they have pet shampoo. I think it’s fantastic what they’re doing.

“Absolutely, they’ve become entrepreneurs and that’s what we want for the women in our industry,” she said. “We want to be successful in and out of the ring and they’ve really paved the way for us.”

On possibly working as a babyface:

“I think it would be great. I would love the challenge of it. I’ve been playing a bad guy for six years and I’d love to try a different dynamic,” she said, “but right now I’m just having so much fun. It’s fun being a bad guy.”

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