Alexa Bliss On Her Total Divas Experience, Difference Between Raw & Smackdown, Possibly Doing Work Outside of WWE

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News, and below are some interview highlights:

SN: The two of you were also a part of “Total Divas” (airing 9 p.m. ET Wednesdays on E!) this season. What was that experience like for you in having cameras follow you around all the time?

AB: It was a really good experience. It’s been a lot of fun. I didn’t know what to expect because, for me, whenever I see a camera, I go into instant Alexa Bliss mode. At first, I had to realize to realize just be me, just be Lexi, don’t be Alexa Bliss. By the end of the season, you forget that the cameras are there and you’re just having fun with the girls. It was a lot of fun too because it was pretty much the “”SmackDown” women’s locker room which is where I originally came from and I miss all those girls so much. I never get to see them now because we’re on different brands. Being on “Total Divas”, I got to see all the girls again and it was like one big reunion, especially getting to see the Bellas. I miss Nikki so much. I got to really get to know Brie because I hadn’t met her before then, or at least not on a personal level. To get to know Brie was awesome.

SN: What’s the biggest difference between “RAW” and “SmackDown”?

AB: There’s really not a big difference. I’d say the only big difference is when I first started on “RAW”, I noticed there is a different sense of urgency because “RAW” is deemed the flagship show. So there’s always a little more urgency when it comes to “RAW”. But I do miss “SmackDown” a lot. The locker room is great. The people on “SmackDown” are amazing to work with. It’s basically just been like the new kid at school. It’s different but eventually, it just becomes natural again.

SN: Have you spoken with anyone about doing some more work with Disney?

AB: I would love to do some more work with Disney. I would love to, maybe, one day go to the Disney Radio Awards. I would love to do anything. I remember when I was younger they had this thing called Disney 365 and then it was Disney 411. It’s basically you go to the parks where you fill in what’s coming up next with Disney and I would love to do something like that or even do a guest spot on a show. I love acting. I love the Disney company and brand and I would to be a part of that one day but right now my focus is on WWE.

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