Albon ‘would 100% do the same again’ against Hamilton

Red Bull’s Alex Albon says he would not change his approach to racing wheel-to-wheel with Lewis Hamilton despite the pair’s clash in last Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix.

Albon was fighting the Mercedes driver for position in the closing stages of last Sunday’s race when he attempted to pass Hamilton on the outside of Spielberg’s Turn 4 only for the six-time world champion to nudge the Red Bull driver into to a spin.

Hamilton was subsequently handed a five-second penalty by the stewards while Albon eventually retired with an engine issue, but of he had an opportunity to do it all again, the Red Bull driver would be just as aggressive.

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“It is just bad circumstances that we have come together twice,” said the British-Thai racer, referring to the pair’s contact at the Brazilian Grand Prix last year.

“I think the way the corner is, let’s say the exit point of where you take that corner is not where it looks like.

“I think there’s a certain camera angle where I saw where people say there is a car length to go still, but you don’t exit [there]. You don’t exit at that point, the exit point is a lot later in the corner, just because Turn 4 is quite long.

“So, unless I kind of drove out to the edge of the track and then turned again, that’s the only real way to give myself enough space.


“One hundred per cent I would do the same thing again. I think it has to be done,” he added.

“You can’t wait around especially when they have a tyre disadvantage, there’s no waiting to be done really, because obviously, we knew they had a pace advantage and it was just a matter of time until the prime tyre had warmed up. So there’s no real regret on my side.”

Albon said he had not talked to Hamilton since the run-in but didn’t believe the clash would generate any bad blood between the two drivers.

“We didn’t talk afterwards, there wasn’t really anything to say,” he said.

“It is what it is, but I am sure Lewis did not intend to make contact.”

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