Alberto El Patron in Backstage Brawl, Update on AJ Styles Injury

Alberto El Patron Reportedly Involved in Backstage Brawl
It’s being reported that the latest drama to occur in the life of Alberto Del Patron is that of a backstage fight, which has left him with a massive bullseye on his back among the lucha libre community. Both Alberto and Paige were at the IWRG card at Mexico’s Arena Naucalpan, where his brother was also wrestling. Whilst backstage, Alberto encountered IWRG wrestler Rafy and accused him of either touching him or his fiancee Paige, before escalating into both men exchanging punches. 
The fight soon spiralled out of control as both men brawled into the hallway opposite the fan entrance, with several fans witnessing the bizarre fight, it’s worth noting that Rafy is short for Raphael (yes, as in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael). Although Alberto left the fight relatively unscathed, the much smaller Rafy was said to be fairly banged up after the fight.

According to LuchaBlog, both Alberto and Paige were seen drinking at the card. For further details be sure to check out LuchaBlog below.

Alberto fight, CMLL weekend results, Caristico mask match (not with UG)

Update on AJ Styles Injury
It was originally reported that Styles hurt his ankle while performing a 450 splash to the outside through a table during his match against Dean Ambrose at TLC. However, it is now thought that Styles injured his ankle when he did a backdrop over the top rope and landed on his feet.

The WWE is now hopeful that Styles will be able to wrestle on this weeks SmackDown! Live, with his injury being evaluated on a daily basis, we won’t know the full extent of his injury until Tuesday.

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