Abyss Interview: Wanting To Wrestle Hogan, Evolution Of His Character

TNA star Abyss spoke to Brian Fritz of this week to promote Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice event. To hear what Abyss said about his hardcore wrestling style, working with Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan dubbing him the “John Cena of TNA” and more, visit are some highlights of what he said about:

The Evolution of his Character:

“I’m really proud of the character. I think it has matured a lot over the years. In this business, to keep any kind of a character at all, at any level, relevant for an extended period of time — I’ve been with TNA for going on eight years and I’ve been there since basically close to the beginning — so you gotta switch it up. You gotta try different stuff or you kind of get stale by doing just the same old thing. I’m proud of what we did with the character. I really like the original stuff. I really like the stuff coming back with the whites (clothing) and the insane asylum stuff. I really liked all that stuff and then the transformation now into the stuff with Hulk (Hogan). That’s been obviously a dream come true. I’ve really enjoyed the different sides of it. I think that keeps the character interesting, when you can see him when he’s happy, when he’s angry, when he’s sad, when he’s mad. You see different sides of the character and that keeps the character kind of fresh.”

Wanting to Wrestle Hulk Hogan:

“I would love it man. I think it would be great. It would be an honor, no doubt about it. It would be the biggest moment in my wrestling career. I sincerely doubt there would be a bigger moment in my career than me against Hulk Hogan in a singles match. I would love it and I think we could pull off something special. I have no doubt in that.”

The Best Advice that Hogan Has Given Him:

“He’s given me so much so I could go a million different ways to answer this but I’ll go this way with it,” said Abyss. “One of the things he’s really taught me was to really use the story you’ve been given and incorporate it in your match and work smart. He’s taught me to maximize the tools you’re given when it comes to putting a match together and an angle together.”

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