5 Stylish Hiking Pants to Take You From City to Trail


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Can we all give a collective sigh of relief that hiking pants are no longer oversized balloons with extra pockets sewn into every surface? Performance apparel companies have taken a note from the fashion world and created trousers with technical chops that look so good you’ll want to wear them even if you have no plans to hit the trails. Here are five pairs of our favorite stylish hiking pants this season.  

The Teton Crest is a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex that feels almost like a lightweight waxed canvas. They’re slim fit, super light, and have a single thigh pocket that fits your phone without ruining the line of the pants. You can snap the cuffs into capris if you’re at a creek crossing, too.

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The Trailhead might feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but they’ve got backcountry chops thanks to a four-way stretch nylon that’s tough without being heavy. We picked them as our favorite hiking pant last year.

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REI thought of everything with these pants: stretchy spandex where you want it, tougher nylon panels in the high wear areas, and smartly placed mesh vents to keep you from overheating. These are high-performance pants at a budget price.

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Consider the Abisko a slimmed down version of Fjallraven’s Keb pants (which we’ve gushed about before). Made from a lighter, stretchier version of Fjallraven’s G-1000 fabric, the Abisko is all about movement without sacrificing durability. You’ll wear these pants for years to come.

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Rab knows how to make technical clothes that look good. Case in point, the Route, which is stretchy as hell and built for scrambling and climbing but looks just as good at dinner after your adventure.

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