5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Men's Gym Kit


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Just because you’re working out doesn't mean you have to look like a slob. Ditch the dirty sweats and torn t-shirt and put a little style in your gym wardrobe with these pieces that blend functionality with fashion.

We love just about everything in Vuori’s line, but the Kore Shorts are our favorite piece because they’re long enough to wear outside the gym, but have a built-in liner that’s more comfortable than compressive, so your range of movement is off the charts. The zippered key pocket on the front hip is also handy.

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Path is a line of running clothes designed by a distance runner with a background in apparel design. The Rockies is understated but made from an incredibly soft blend of polyester, Tencel, and spandex that’s light and breathable while hanging well on your upper body.

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With uppers made from a seamless piece of breathable, but still durable, fabric, these shoes are comfy enough to wear sockless. We think the red camo design is a conversation starter, but they make a more muted gray if you don’t want flashy feet.

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Sweatpants are having a moment, and thank God, because they’re so damn comfortable. We especially like these pants from yoga-brand Manduka, which are light and stretchy enough for downward dog, but tailored enough for the coffee shop.

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This is definitely an upgrade to your standard hoodie. The French Terry fabric has four-way stretch, but is still soft next to your skin. The athletic fit and high zipper give the hoodie a modern look, and the chest zip keeps your phone in place when you’re on the move.

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