27-year-old registers final wishes at China Will Registration Center

A 27-year-old woman in Shanghai has drafted her will at the China Will Registration Center, according to a press release from the center.

Known only by the alias Wang Yu, the woman, who works as a nurse at an intensive care unit in a Shanghai hospital, indicated to the center that she would give her house to her colleague instead of family after she dies.

"My parents do not lack money or houses, but if I have an accident, they will lose their only child," Wang was quoted as saying in the release.

"At that time, the thing they lack the most would be company and love. I hope someone can make it up for me and visit my parents from time to time."

Wang also explained that her experience at work where she has witnessed many people die, some of whom were very young, compelled her to draft a will early.

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According to Wang, her friend will adhere to the instructions in her will to take care of her parents when she dies. She also noted that she had informed her parents about the decision before drafting the will, and that they were agreeable with the decision.

When asked of her friend’s reaction to the will, Wang said: "She said I was crazy at first and didn’t accept it. But after I told her that it would be a gift for her when I am 90 years old, she didn’t refuse it anymore."

Tian Yan, the director of the Shanghai branch of the China Will Registration Center where Wang registered her will, said the center has been receiving a growing number of clients born in the 1990s. As of the end of October, the center has handled 246 will registrations nationwide for those born after 1990.

Tian added that the younger generation today have many concerns about issues which are not considered by those from the older generations. These include the disposal of virtual property such as accounts for online gaming, WeChat and online banking.

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