Welcome to the USS Excelsior!

The USS Excelsior holds a proud place throughout history. Originally dubbed the Great Experiment and commanded by one Hikaru Sulu. In Latin, Excelsior means 'Ever Upward'. Throughout its time, each Excelsior has been a Ship of the Line, starting with the Original Excelsior Class vessel.

More recently, the Excelsior-C holds a proud place in the history of Task Force 38. The Excelsior served in 2384 during the Battle of Union. Subsequently, the Excelsior was the first Federation Starship to discover The Round Table. Some months after, the Excelsior completed the first of many successful exploration missions throughout The Round Table. However, with a series of new orders, the Excelsior-C has been reassigned to Task Force 93 to take a lead in the new initiatives and agreements between the Federation and Romulan Empires.

With this move to the Task Force 93 Area of Operations, a small transit corridor has been opened known as the Raeyan Transit Corridor which the Excelsior has been tasked with patrolling and ensuring that despite the increased tensions, with the Klingons threatening to invade a weakened Romulan Star Empire. Their job is to keep the peace as best as possible in an unstable sector, between two factions with an inbuilt hate for one another.

With its long history, the Excelsior has a special place in the hearts and minds of many.The current Excelsior is a Sovereign Class Crusier, one of the more advanced ship's in the Fleet.

The Excelsior is currently based out of the Faltan Station, Task Force Headquarters. The transfer orders from the Excelsior also came with transfer orders for his wife, Captain Lanniefelysa Merefica, whom has assumed Command of the one of the busiest planetary outposts in the entire Quadrant.

It is our aim to create an enjoyable and stimulating environment to write and be creative. If you would like become part of the history that is Excelsior, please submit an application. We are only as a strong as the players who write.


Established February 16th, 2013 - Gardner Era. 1 YEAR AND 3 MONTHS

Latest News Items

» We’re going back!

Posted on Tuesday January 20th, 2015 @ 6:18pm by Commander Adren Noth in General News

The USS Excelsior once held a significant presence in the Delta Quadrant, as a force to be reckoned with. She has a notable history as a ship of Task Force 38 line. With the increased reports of Vaadwaur activity, she is now being recalled to the area of space that has shaped her crew and toughened her haul.

We will once again take our place, “To stand upon one world and look out upon the next…”

Since Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon; since S'task and Karatek left Vulcan in the great Exodus Arks; since Captain Vex unlocked the secrets of space travel for a primitive Trill, this has been the motto of all explorers.

And because of that, beings from across the galaxy have joined together under the banner of Federation, impelled by curiosity and a thirst for seeking the strange and unknown. Working side by side, we ask and have been asked the same and powerful question: "What's out there?" Task Force 38 intends to answer that question in the Delta Quadrant.

The Delta Quadrant has a new evil, and I know we have what it takes.

So, we are going back boys, and the opportunity is yours!

New orders and details pending; stay tuned.

» Excelsior - We have many stories left untold...

Posted on Sunday January 4th, 2015 @ 7:39pm by Commander Adren Noth in General News

Hello crew,

The Excelsior has no ordinary name. Her name carries infinite weight as some of the greats have, over the years, come to call her home. Captain Hikaru Sulu commanded her in the 90s, along with a naïve Science Officer that we have come to know as Tuvok. She went toe-to-toe with the Klingons, explored the depths of the gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant, and played a pivotal role in assisting the USS Enterprise-A in preventing the assassination of the Federation President at the Khitomer Conference. She has saved lives. Built great men and women. And gone where no one had gone before.

These events have made history; these events are held by anyone who now calls the Excelsior home. We have had radio silence for far too long. We have jumped around between missions, and frankly we have far too many loose ends. Too many stories left untold. Too many character left unexplored. But, as the Excelsior name defines, we are about becoming something better – it is the journey. Over the next few days some changes are in order. We will take a new direction, with an old heart, with one message, a message we have always held dear; to move, “Ever Upward!”

Our Captain, our leader, our friend –Bobby, is back and ready to sail the Excelsior banner with us once again. In the words of Leonard McCoy, “My God, that’s a big ship,” to which Montogmery Scott replied, “Not so big as her Captain, I think.” Well, our Captain fills those big boots might well, I think –and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The time of idle thought is behind us. Bobby or I will be posting a JP soon, just to get our juices flowing in a social setting; but, expect a fun and exciting mission to follow…

So say, Excelsior!

Commander Adren Bahrat Noth,
USS Excelsior, XO

» New Members & New Mission

Posted on Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 @ 10:46pm by Captain Peter Gardner in General News

I'd like to welcome back Craig to the Excelsior. Craig was one of my original starters when I took the Excelsior a year or so back and I am pleased to welcome him back as the Executive Officer.

I'd also like to welcome back James. James is a former XO of the Excelsior (I think?) but prior to my time. James will be writing as our Marine Commanding Officer.

Our total player count is now sitting at a nice number. 9 players. Which is good for a game that has just rebooted. I have started a new mission, courtesy of Cory, who plays our Master-At-Arms & Chief of the Boat. Hopefully this will provide opportunity for some good writing over the next month or so!

Any questions, please feel free to drop me a Private message or e-mail


» The Revival

Posted on Tuesday November 25th, 2014 @ 9:59pm by Captain Peter Gardner in General News

Hi all,

I know its been a while since anyone posted, including me. Things got a bit shit for me 2 months ago. The lady I was with and I decided things weren't working, so we decided that it was best to end our relationship. I see my daughter on a regular basis and things have started to look better for me. I work long ole' hours, but I am able to get online most days via my phone and see posts and answer e-mails, which is what I have been doing for the last 2 months, just my presence hasn't been felt here and for that I really apologise.

I am back now. Ready to revive the Excelsior and move forward with our game. I appreciate that some of you will have moved your characters on, which is fine. What I need to know now though, which of you are willing to stay and restart the Excelsior again with me? I won't be offended if you have moved on or decide that the Excelsior is no longer for you. But just let me know what each of you want to do, so I can move the Excelsior forward.

To close, I want to thank each and everyone one of you for the time and effort you have all put into the Excelsior and I look forward to writing with you in the future either here or elsewhere within Bravo Fleet.

Warmest Regards to you all,


» Slowness

Posted on Saturday July 5th, 2014 @ 1:19pm by Captain Peter Gardner in General News


I am very aware of how slow the Excelsior has been of late and for the majority, I take the blame. I was considering implementing a posting rule and a Three Strike Policy, but I've decided against it. We are all mature adults. You guys are here because you want to be, not because you need or have to be here. But equally, I hope if there comes a time when you no longer wish to be here, just let me know. There will no ill will imparted.

The Excelsior has been going for nearly 18 months, something I scarcely could of dreamed of when I took on the Excelsior and I've never enjoyed my writing more.

Lets keep going, for as long as we want to and not a minute longer. :)

Any concerns, questions or anything at all, my e-mail inbox always has space :)


Latest Mission Posts

» The Call Came In

Mission: Diplomatic Concerns
Posted on Saturday December 27th, 2014 @ 5:12pm by Rear Admiral Logan Atticus & Captain Peter Gardner & Captain Lanniefelysa Merefica

Peter and Lannie waited silently in the waiting area of the Admiral's office. The Admiral had decided to call them shortly after they had finished their breakfast in a small restaurant on the coastal section of the Colony which housed Faltan Station. Peter had no doubt in his mind that…

» Home is where my boots are...

Mission: Diplomatic Concerns
Posted on Sunday December 21st, 2014 @ 5:41am by Gunnery Sergeant Darius Connor

Darius lounged back as much as he could in the transport. Gingerly he rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to work the cramps out of his neck after the long nap he had taken. Darius had hopped onto the first outbound transport after receiving orders to report…

» Seeing Of The Little One

Mission: Diplomatic Concerns
Posted on Thursday December 4th, 2014 @ 11:44pm by Lieutenant JG Anna Courtier

There he stood, larger than life and still just barely a few centimetres taller than Ann. Her commanding officer, Captain Ezekiel Halsey, commanding officer of the Intrepid class vessel USS Triconderoga, was one of the old guard. Having served in all of the mayor wars the Federation had fought in…

» Where There's Smoke...

Mission: Diplomatic Concerns
Posted on Wednesday December 3rd, 2014 @ 3:12pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Geoffrey Gunnarsen

One nice thing about being recalled to the Alpha Quadrant was that it was much easier to hop a transport back to Earth for some R&R. Geoff had nearly forgotten what his family looked like, and if not for semi-regular subspace comms with them, they would be complete strangers. His…

» Time to Relax

Mission: Diplomatic Concerns
Posted on Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 @ 10:42pm by Captain Peter Gardner & Captain Lanniefelysa Merefica

Peter sipped his glass of wine. It was Red and 2370 vintage from Chateau Picard, a vineyard that had become famous for the Captain of the Enterprise. He let out a sigh as he looked out of the expanse out of the window, across the Faltan Colony. "So, she just…

Latest Personal Logs

» Romantic Entanglements

Posted on Wednesday December 3rd, 2014 @ 3:58pm by Lieutenant Yoshida Okawa

Yoshi always eagerly anticipated his scheduled calls to Koko. She was performing so admirably at the academy and her results so far indicated she would make a splendid Starfleet Scientist. She loved the stars and so it was only fitting that she major in Astro Physics and Stellar Cartography. Yoshi…

» Side post

Posted on Wednesday April 16th, 2014 @ 4:15am by Lieutenant Rhiannon Nicks

Rhiannon entered her quarters, kicked off her shoes, and began stripping off her uniform as she crossed to the bathroom. "I need a long bath," she said as she began filling the tub. Five minutes later she was soaking in warm tub of soothing bubbles surrounded by the soft…

» Operations Officer's Log SD 63942.73

Posted on Sunday February 23rd, 2014 @ 3:22am by Lieutenant Commander Aurin Koll

The repairs to Excelsior are proceeding, but it's making my job harder.

Not only do I have to coordinate the resources aboard the ship, but I also have to coordinate the repair teams from and to the station as well.

Needless to say, I'll be glad to get back on…

» Mission Log, Aendeh Dhivael

Posted on Friday January 3rd, 2014 @ 7:47pm by Lieutenant Commander Rachel Hanssen

Rachel's afternoon was busy, if for no other reason than appearances. A visiting officer on a starbase, certain activities were expected, and Rachel did whatever it took to satisfy her curiosities before retiring for a nap.

Instead of a nap, Aendeh [Major] Dhivael rose from the depths of her mind.…

» Aboard Diogara Station

Posted on Monday December 16th, 2013 @ 6:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Rachel Hanssen

“Begin personal log, Lieutenant Commander Rachel Hanssen.

“Diogara station is incredible. This is the first time I’ve set foot on an immense-class station. They’re an amazing feat of engineering, and I got permission of the Station Chief of Operations to take a tour of her later today. Looking forward to…